Valentines Day – Love or Money

Posted: 14/02/2013 in Latest Ideas and Opinions
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As it’s Valentines Day and spirits are high, well in some cases, I decided to pass judgement on the meaning of the day, the sentiment, the economy and the values it holds. As with all my blogs, the detail is in the opinion, not my fascinating knowledge of the centuries old tradition of Valentines and where it all started and by whom. My basis is on today and the impact it has on the lives of people living right now.

The idea of Valentines in it’s most basic state is kind of sweet but in reality, is it actually a day for celebrating? Looking at all age ranges and statuses, we soon find that a large amount of people will actually feel pretty miserable right now. That said a large amount will be very happy.

Infant Children
I remember being at school and watching as children opened up Valentines cards, sent with no real idea what it meant. Honest truth, I got a card, I felt pretty good. But even at that age, I saw children looking around for their card. It wasn’t meant in a hurtful way and no child chose to punish another but with Valentines, it’s not encouraged to send everyone a card, unlike Christmas or Easter.

As a teenager it’s even more confusing. You get cards from your friends, pretending to be girls, just to be humorous, at least I hope it was. Although that would explain a lot. You also get cards from girls that wanted one back but yours went to their friends. It’s sounding like a counselling session now but you get the idea. You maybe even find your first love and borrow money from your parents to get them a present and card for the first time. It’s confusing but kind of fun. But again, you still feel that loss of confidence when you don’t get a card.

As an adult, it becomes increasingly important to make sure you put this date in your diary. Failure to appreciate this date can result in all sorts of problems. It’s sold to be as important as your actual anniversary. The questions start as soon as you hit the workplace, gym or football pitch. Are you doing anything tonight? What did you get the wife or girlfriend? The answer to this question is quite simple, something. Nothing, indicates a lack of love on this faithful day. But imagine for a minute if you didn’t get anything because you hadn’t got anyone to share the day with. Even as an adult this can have a massive effect on your day, self esteem and confidence. Even reading this some of you might be a little down right now.

We’ve looked at the affect on the age ranges. Now lets look at the benefits on the economy, the waste and the potential changes or ideas to improve the day. I mean you don’t really believe that this day has to exist to celebrate love. Surely every other guy brings home flowers weekly to the wife or chocolates. Nope, me neither, if you ever try that on any other day then Valentines Day you may get accused of having an affair or going to the pub after work. Although some couples are just that loving. Only on this day, is it important to do these things.

Local Economy
For an area like Bude, the economic affect of Valentines Day can be quite profound. I mean how many menus, flyers and vouchers have you had to advertise it. They will be fully booked for the entire weekend. No tables will have one person alone, that’s banned on this day. Every table will have a couple, whether it be two men, two women or man and women. The prices will be competitive but only compared to each other, after all, this day is special. But on the positive side, this creates work for people, business for people and an atmosphere for people. Couples may propose and this could result in marriage and parties in the area. Again good for business. Couples could baby make and, well you get the idea.

Waste and Environment
The one thing I do hate about these days are the cards and boxes it creates. Every special occassion has them. Trees die for love daily and we justify this by saying, it’s okay, we’re planting more to replace them. Why send them. We have technology, send a video, send an ecard, send a text, actually pick up a phone and talk to someone. These are much better methods. But if you do feel that a card is neccessary, please recycle it. It’ll make me feel better, if not you.

Improvements and Ideas
How many establishments are having a singles night tonight? How many places are encouraging people to find the one they love? Not many from my browse. Wouldn’t it be nice to be the exception from the rule. I know as a businessman or woman, you must think I’m crazy. Lets be honest, it’s easy money. The marketing has been done for you, the event is set in stone and men and women will be booking those tables on instinct. But to be different can sometimes help to be memorable. To create love is as important as celebrating love.

In my house as you’d expect, we do things a little different. Our anniversary is conveniently the week after Valentines Day. So for us, it’s much more special to go out the week after Valentines Day. The atmosphere, the intensity, the food and the love are still available but It’s a hell of a lot cheaper to show it.

Hopefully you enjoyed the read and as always feel free to comment…



  1. I am stuck in the middle with this one. I don’t really like the hype of Valentine’s Day but I do like the idea of someone showing you how much they care and love you. I am lucky because that is shown to me on numerous occasions, not by lavish gifts, but by the little things. I think that people should be encouraged not to overspend on this day but ‘love’ to their means. I am enjoying your blogs, keep going 🙂 lou

  2. I agree, it is always about showing love within your means and showing it regularly in unique and meaningful ways, rather than expensive gifts and roses. Thanks for the comment and glad you’re enjoying the blogs 🙂

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