Closed Answered Questions in Politics

Posted: 01/03/2013 in Latest Ideas and Opinions
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5564444814_917e0b2052Question Time. A show that allows politicians and councillors an opportunity to answer the questions put forward by a studio audience or even people like me and you on Twitter and other social media.

But every time I watch the show, something really annoys me. The  questions never actually get answered. Not for want of trying on the part of David Dimbleby, who last night asked closed answered questions, up to 6 or 7 times and still didn’t get an answer. And people still ask the question of why we have no real faith in politics. I’m still yet to meet a councillor or politician that answers a simple question with a yes or no, even if they then had to elaborate on the answer and explain the whys or buts of the situation.

Now I know some of the questions aren’t always a simple yes or no but surely this should be in the response at some point. After all, I’d have a lot more faith in opinionated politics, as opposed to the statistic kind we currently have. You get the impression that if someone asked the politician which party he actually represented, they’d say things like “it’s not always a question of representation, it’s a case of my views on life and love” or something similarly pointless, that has no relevance to the question asked.

Lets look at the episode broadcast on the 28th February. This was one of the first closed questions of the night and quite simple to answer you’d think, given that fuel duty is an issue that a party should have a plan for.

Q: Are you saying fuel duty is going to come down?

A: Well we have frozen it every single time since?

Q: Is it going to come down?

A: Well we have frozen Labours planned duty increases, we have spent £5billion helping motorists, I would love it to come down but it’s a constant battle…

So in hindsight, can anyone tell me if fuel duty is coming down? I’m not sure and when I next vote, this is an important issue to the majority of us. So surely a yes or no would have been a better approach to gaining trust. We can all appreciate what we know, so even mentioning that Labour were intending to increase this already extortionate tax even more, is purely to score cheap easy points.

It got worse after this point. Some of the questions won’t have been answered by the next episode with how much cheap chat was being made. If I wanted figures I’d have studied a maths degree. I know it’s an unforgiving job and I know the media will jump on any chink in the armour of a candidate, politician or councillor. But please answer at least one question a week with a yes or no answer, to prove it’s possible.

I often got told that I should have been a politician, which I felt was quite a complimentary comment. After watching how they operate over the years, I’m beginning to think people were being fairly negative. I’d love to have the opportunity to interview politicians for a living but I don’t think I have the time to get the answers I’d need. I mean to start every Q and A, you generally need a name. How frustrating would it be, when the person in front of you answered “Well it depends, I get called right honourable gentleman in parliament” “George by the wife” or “Mr Osbourne when my staff address me.” It’s an answer granted but now a simple straightforward answer. Next question would be the interviewees age. “I was 28 in 2012”. So does that make you 29 now? “Well I was 27 in 2011”. It sounds patronising but it really is as bad as that.

My advice, if you want to relate to the people who should be voting. Keep it simple and just answer the question. If you don’t like the question or don’t have an honest opinion, give up politics. We need a voice, a big pair of nuts and an ability to argue for what we believe in, not what’s nice to hear.

Just a thought and feel free to comment as always…

House of Sin @ night

  1. susan shelton says:

    I totally agree, watched last Thursday and I can’t remember a question actually being answered.. Too much blaming each others parties..

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