The Boys Club That Is Parliament!

Posted: 21/03/2013 in Latest Ideas and Opinions
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As everyone knows, yesterday was the day that the rich got richer and the poor got the impression they were better off. Although in reality, when is anyone actually better off. Although fuel duty didn’t rise, we can’t afford fuel. Although a pint went down 1p, we still can’t afford a pint. Although in 2015 you’ll be able to earn £10,000 tax free, nice sentiment but in reality it means pennies.

All the above taken into account, the biggest annoyance on my part, was the well paid, elected members of our counties, acting like a bunch of yobs. They were jeering, pointing, laughing, abusing and basically disrespecting each other for the cameras. As in my previous blogs, no one actually answered one of the questions posed by either side. In reality it seemed like a bit of fun. The place was packed, which is a rarity. The ammunition had been prepared a day early thanks to leaked information. It was just an expensive episode of Jeremy Kyle.

Good TV but is anything in parliament actually truthful or representative of the people any more. No matter what the party in power do, the opposition would have done it different. If the opposition make a fair point, the party in power do something different, just to prove they went there own way. It’s mob rule it seems. No one has any morals, no one has any clue and everything is done for cheap points and judging by yesterday, cheap laughs.

I have to be honest, I don’t even know my local MP, they have no interest in knowing me either it seems. They don’t come around my rural location to find out what my opinion on anything is. In fact they don’t ask anyone. They turn up when one of the other parties drops the ball, to emphasise the mistake. They have no better morals or ideas on fixing things, they just have the majority agreeing with them on one point and maybe winning the odd vote.

I’d like to see a parliament that is a genuine representation of the people. People from a diverse background of areas and employment. Normal people who know how it feels to live on nothing and struggle to find employment. The problem is that people are nurtured to vote for particular parties by events of the past. Labour will soon be forgiven for putting the country into the mess it is in today because the Conservatives are having to tighten the purse strings. But when they do eventually get the country back in the black, people will have become tired of them and voted Labour back in. Liberal Democrats will side with anyone to get into parliament. UKIP will preach that they will sort immigration but what are the other items on the mandate for them. Not a lot it seems.

Perhaps it’s time for a new party. A party that gets a chance because they earn it, not because the rest are terrible. A party that understands you can’t please everyone, but is open and honest about the reasons they are changing the mandate to match economic climates, immigration statutes and things that need to be amended to meet demand. It’s not the things of dreams, it just need belief from the people.

I’d support anyone that realises that we can’t allow any immigration currently because we don’t have jobs. Someone that realises that the current benefits system, tax system and credits system is poor and needs revamping completely to a standard format. A party that understands that council tax is extortionate when coupled with the other taxes we pay on everything from fuel, car tax, income tax, VAT and alike. And someone that realises we need to become more self sufficient in production, manufacturing and technological development to create jobs of the future. We can’t all work in retail, warehousing and transport. We need to build some things too.

Something needs to change to stop the boys club doing whatever they like for the rest of my lifetime. Perhaps people like Dave from the Bank of Dave, Richard Branson and others like them, should be encouraged into parliament. At least they have an opinion and they’re not afraid to share it in the right way, rightly or wrongly.

Would love to hear your thoughts and hope you enjoyed the read…

  1. Rob Wilcox says:

    You’ve raised a few few (okay a lot of) good points here. I also think it would be good to have a proper change. People in government have very little idea of what life is really like. I was going to say ‘no idea’.. but there might be the odd one or two who do know (but get drowned out)

    • Hopefully one day it will change. Think we’ll be long gone by then but it’s got to happen to get us back to the country we used to be. We used to innovative, creative and the best at forward thinking. Now we buy everything we can to avoid thinking. The conservative guy on Question Time yesterday seemed quite honest, which shocked me lol

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