About Me

My name is Lee Shelton, I am originally from the Black Country, West Midlands but relocated to Bude, Cornwall in 2010.


I am a Business Improvement Specialist and I have experience of working with some of the biggest national companies within the UK with my main area of expertise being Business Process Re-engineering. I have saved companies up to £500k in distribution costs using methods that can be replicated across a large number of business sectors. My previous roles were within Transport, Distribution, Recycling, Warehousing and Administration. All of these areas are ripe for cost saving, process re-engineering and turnover increases.

I am also training for a career as a Football Coach with a particular interest in performance analysis and improvements. It’s early days but it’s exciting.

I decided to create a blog to provoke a thought process in any current or start-up business, that would encourage reviewing methods and hopefully leading to improvements. Some of my methods are quite simple but are often the ones that are overlooked. This is why I have been so successful.

I particularly like to concentrate on new media, shared resource, networking and simple brain storming but at all levels of the business. Week by week I’ll be giving bite size chunks of information and always encourage feedback.

Any questions or enquiries feel free to email me: Lee.Shelton3@btinternet.com


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