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I have decided to start reviewing my experiences, in and around Bude and will be sharing them with my followers and readers, to hopefully encourage you to visit the places to be and the places best to avoid.

First on my list was the Rebel Cinema, which if you didn’t know is in Poundstock. It’s normally visible from the A39 thanks to the huge red “cinema” on the side but the brown sites guide you to the car park, just in case the trees have grown.

If I’m being really honest, the outside of the building doesn’t do the inside justice. The car park is pretty basic concrete, pebble and uneven and the building could be revamped a little to bring it up to date. But this is all about taste and maybe I’m being picky, after all, this is a cinema and it’s never going to show the film outside.

Rebel Cinema

As the cinema is a fairly small one, it operates on a small amount of views per day. This doesn’t mean it acts like a small cinema though. In fact the process of ordering the tickets more than keeps up with much bigger cinemas. You can order your ticket online, over the telephone or in the cinema. We particularly like booking beforehand and as we had a party of 3 adults and 4 children, we booked in advance. Down to the actual seats we wanted to sit in.

One of the drawbacks with a smaller cinema can be arriving early. Although the staff were friendly and made you feel welcome, it is a fairly small foyer and you haven’t got a lot of room to sit and wait for your viewing. Although this could be something that is improved in the future, it’s also more likely to result in people buying the large selection of drinks, popcorn and confectionery that the rebel sells.

The ticket prices were particularly good. You often find with community businesses that you pay a premium due to smaller consumer numbers. But the Rebel Cinema charges a reasonable £6 per ticket for adults and £5 per kids. With an extra £1 being charged for 3D viewing, which is for use of the 3D glass presumably. You do get a booking fee of £0.50 per seat, which can be annoying but is cheap when compared to other establishments.

The cinema itself is very clean, comfortable and spacious. You aren’t crammed cattle style. You can convince yourself its your armchair at home and truly relax, although do try to avoid putting your feet up, people behind tend to get a little angry. The sound quality and picture quality are good. The film we chose was Wreck-It Ralph, which was a good film and the kids were quiet the whole way through, bonus.

Another bonus with the Rebel, was the fact the staff actually smile on the way out too. Often staff are wonderful on the way in, collecting your money and then letting you have whatever experience you get. At the Rebel, we got a nice friendly welcome on the way in and a friendly come again goodbye on the way out. If I’ve remembered enough to put it in this post, it should serve other businesses to try the same courteous style.

So here comes the review:

Marks out of 10 and (Improvements)

Staff 10/10

Experience 9/10 (We arrived early and the waiting area needs a few seats, especially with kids)

Venue 8/10 (Inside it would have been a 10. But outside it needs a little work on the car park and the building)

Cost 9/10 (I hate that pesky booking fee per seat £0.50)

Food and Drink 7/10 (Love the BBQ crisps and the popcorn but it’s always a good profit maker, so could be a little cheaper)

Other improvements. I think the area needs a few more options to accompany the cinema. It’s always nice to go the cinema and then get a pizza or some other food. Perhaps someone should open up a little restaurant next door and make the experience complete.

Would I visit again?

I’d definitely visit again and would encourage anyone reading this to do the same and let me know your views on the cinema.

You can book tickets online at or in person.

Contact number and address are: 01288 361442

Rebel Cinema, Treskinnick Cross, Poundstock, Bude, EX23 0DT.

Feel free to comment and let me know if you had a similar experience or maybe you have a nightmare, it’s all useful for improving our local community businesses.