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In the wake of events in South Africa with the sprinter Oscar Pistorius, the main focus has been, did he or didn’t he, kill his innocent partner Reeva Steenkamp? In my opinion, the main focus should firstly be with the family of Reeva and the grieving process and secondly with the fact that guns are so readily available in so many countries, it’s hard not to imagine these incidents occurring.

Look at the USA. They still operate of the opinion that guns are for protection and if they didn’t have one and the person who enters the premises does, then they can’t defend themselves. Ignoring the fact that they also have an armed police force, national guard and armed forces to defend themselves. Guns shouldn’t be available to people on the streets of any country. What gives any man the right to decide if another man lives or dies? The ironic thing with stating this fact is that it often results in death threats and anger, which makes the point even more relevant. If the people making the threats have guns, it’s a pretty serious threats. Piers Morgan is often abused because he questions the gun laws. Although he didn’t insist they should be banned but questioned the numbers and types of guns available. But I see daily on sites such as Twitter, the abuse he gets because of a mere statement or interview.

USA was an easy target for an example as they are often publicised heavily due to the unfortunate age of victims. It is often innocent school children or party goers that get targeted. But here in the UK, the problem is becoming more regular. Large cities often have gang violence with weapons such as guns or knives. And speak to any of these gang members and the ideology is exactly the same as the normal American Citizen. They have to carry a weapon because a rival gang member will have one. I have seen these things first hand growing up. People I grew up with have been in prison countless amounts of times. But they come out and fear retribution for the crime that got them reprimanded. So “tool up” and risk an even greater crime.

When does it stop escalating. The more the media publicise the violence, the more fear provokes people to have protection in the home or car. Baseball isn’t the most popular sport in the UK but if you look in certain areas, lots of people purchase the bat, although not many purchase the ball to play the game. The scary part for me and lots of people I talk to is the young age of the up and coming gang members. Often in areas with gang violence, the victims are the family left behind. But this isn’t just in terms of the upset and grieving. This is the imprint of the pain, the death caused. It can escalate into anger at a young age and often results in repeat violence from young brothers or sisters seeking retribution.

Being completely honest, I am not saying protecting the home is a bad thing. And I completely agree with the often used example, if a burglar breaks into my house, I will use whatever force necessary to stop them harming my family. The scary part is, that if I own a gun, that will almost definitely result in death for someone. The common point people make at this point is, the burglar deserved it, the burglar would have done it to you. All fair points, but what about the intruders family, children or friends? They did nothing to deserve it and although he made the wrong choice by being in your house, you still inevitably pulled the trigger.

What is the answer? Honestly I don’t know. But until we find a way to stop weapons being the only form of defence against fear, we’re going to see more and more needless deaths, murder or otherwise.

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