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I had a few ideas for posts today but on a drive through Stratton, something caught my eye, which made up my mind in an instant. Sometimes small things make a huge difference on the days outlook.

I was on my way to get my daughters fringe cut with Terry, a very friendly hairdresser in Bude. I drove through Stratton and saw a Petit, older lady, who was struggling to walk due to a possible ailment or maybe a touch of fatigue but still soldiering on wearing the colours of the British Heart Foundation proudly. This actually made me proud of someone I had never met and made me take a long hard look at myself.

I have days where I look at my situation negatively, as I’m sure we all do. I may get up and feel a little hard done by, life is treating me badly, fate has always got a negative bombshell to throw in front of me but then you see a lady making a difference because she can, not because she has too. She got up this morning and felt that she could help a worthwhile cause. She probably doesn’t get money for this but she wouldn’t have it any other way. She made a difference for me today and I’m sure she made a difference to the charity too.

I know there are national awards and TV shows that recognise a lucky few in the volunteering field but I thought I’d bring your attention to this particular lady for briefly coming into my life today and giving me some true perspective on making a difference in this world.

If you do read this and you know it’s aimed at you, I’d like to say thank you and God bless you, for everything you do…